11.5 Tank Mash Tun

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It comes with a screw on lid to safely hold your liquids. The 11.5 gallon capacity gives you 1.5 gallons more than the traditional 10 beverage coolers. This allows for bigger mashes and bigger beers.

Cooler Features:
11.5 gallon hot liquor tank. The tank will hold temperatures within 2ºf for over an hour.
Stainless steel bulkhead, ball valve, and 1/2" mpt x 1/2" barb.
Low profile handles.

Premium false bottom made from 304 stainless steel. Designed to simply drop into a beverage cooler HLT. This easily removable unit makes cleaning much easier and faster on brew day. Crosshatch designed filtration allows for optimal sugar extraction with minimal fall through. 

13.25" diameter
2.375" height

False Bottom Features:

  • The 13.25 inch false bottom will fit the Fermenters Favorite Cooler
  • Creates a flat bottom to eliminate interference while stirring the mash.
  • False bottom stand offs are made from food grade high temp hdpe. Rated to 250ºf (not recommended for use in kettles over direct heat source).
  • Stainless steel key rings & clevis pins for easy drop in, removal, and storage.

13.25 inches ID x 15.25 inches OD
Height is 21 inch

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