Eureka Hop Pellets 1 OZ (US)

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With similarities to Simcoe® and Summit™ hops, Eureka is a fairly new variety with very strong bittering qualities and a complex and robust flavor and aroma profile. It is said to impart flavors of citrus, resin, tropical and dark fruit along with aromas of grapefruit rind, citrus and tangerine. It is the progeny of varietals Apollo and Merkur.

Use Dual Purpose

Flavor & Aroma Herbal, Piney, Fruity

Alpha Acids High

Origin American

Total Oil Content High

Cohumulone Average

Origin: US
Purpose: Dual Purpose
Alpha Acid: 17-19.9%
Beta Acid: 4.6-6%
Total Oil: 2.5-4.4
Cohumulone: 28-30
Substitute: Simcoe
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