Comet Hop Pellets 1 OZ (US)

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Hop Type:Dual-Purpose

Origin:United States

Alpha Acid:9.0 - 12.0%

Similar Varieties:

Common Styles:Pale Ale, IPA

Comet is a cross of English hops with a wild American variety and was first released in 1974. Commercial production actually ceased in the 1980s as it was phased out in favor of new super-high alpha varieties, but it has enjoyed a comeback thanks to its unique profile. Intended as high-alpha bittering hop when first release, Comet has found a second life as an aroma variety in IPAs, wild ales, farmhouse beers, and other cutting-edge craft styles. Dominated by citrus zest and fragrant grassy character, with undertones of wild forest fruit and old-school earthy bitterness.

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