Jockey Box Coil - 9.75" Diameter

Delivery time: Allow 7 Days for Delivery

Making your own jockey box? Our stainless steel coils are designed for beverage applications and will fit a variety of coolers on the market. Our ends are left long so you are able to manipulate them as needed (5/16" tubing bender and tube cutter recommended).

Coil Information:

  • 5/16" OD x 1/4" ID
  • 50' length
  • 7" wide (diameter)
  • 8.5" coil height
  • 12.5" tall (interior end)
  • Coiled clockwise
  • Type 304/304L Stainless Steel
  • NSF/ANSI 61 as safe for beverage applications

There are no fillers, fabricating aids, or other contaminants introduced to the ID of the tubing at any point during the manufacturing process of the stainless steel itself. The result is a product that is clean, homogenous, and passivated

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