Mackinac Hop Pellets 1 LB

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​Mackinac May have been a little slower out of the gates but has proven the favorite. This incredible hop is among the first new cultivar to be released from the GLH trials and breeding program in 2014.  It has gained traction and praise across the United States since and has not only increased in demand but cannot be planted quickly enough to fulfill requests. 


Big Tropical, Citrus, Melon, Papaya, Spice

 Aromas Identified by Brewers:
Heavy robust tropical citrus, melon & papaya with unique floral and peppery undertones


Alpha Acids: 9.84%
Beta Acids: 3.16%
Substitutions: TBD
Beer Styles: TBD

 Oil Analysis:
Cohumalone: 28.7%
Colupulone: 53.1%
Myrcene: 26.75%
Linolool: 0.74%
Geraniol: 0.92%
Farnesene: 0.29%
Caryophyllene: 11.06%
Humulene: 21.46%
Total Oil/100g: 1.49

Alpha Acid:
Beta Acid:
Total Oil:
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