Proximity Malt is a new malt company, built as an alternative to the current North American malt market. We establish efficient supply chains, deliver consistent and sustainable premium malts, and develop flavors and colors for brewers, distillers and food users.. We know how malt is made, used, and how it can influence different processes.

Our company started three years ago with the idea that a more regional approach to the malt market would be beneficial to farmers, maltsters and malt users. Our company president has 30 years of supply chain and risk management experience in the malting barley and malting industry. Our Vice President of Operations has spent 25+ years as well in the malting industry, managing plants of various sizes, producing malts of different grains, colors and flavors. He has experience developing new malt recipes and on sensory analysis of malt and beer. Our plant managers both have experience managing malt production, as well as having spent time in various breweries, including ABI and Boston Beer.

We have two new malthouses, located in Monte Vista, CO and Laurel, DE, built in areas where we could source approximately a high percentage of the raw material needs from 100-150 miles from the plant. This allows us to cut hundreds of miles out of the raw material supply chain, reducing the risks of shipping delays, our carbon footprint, and overall costs.

Our plants have been engineered to produce consistent, quality malt. We designed our processes to have flexibility with respect to time, temperature and moisture, the key parameters that we track when producing colors and flavors in grains. A data historian tracks, graphs and follows each process from beginning to end for real-time adjustments to the process, to watch for trends in production, and to look back at process data. We are working with new technology in roasting in North America, which produces roasted malts from pale dextrin to black, again, with a focus on producing color and flavor in a consistent, reliable quality.