Potassium Campden Tablets 100 Ct.

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Contains potassium metabisulphite and is a convenient way to accurately sulphite wine. Each tablet contains 450 mg of active sulphite per tablet. Two crushed tablets equal 1/4 teaspoon.

It is also commonly used to eradicate wild yeast/bacteria in fresh juice/must before fermentation.

Usage: 1 crushed tablet per gallon

Some city water supplies use a chemical called chloramine instead of chlorine to kill bacteria. Chloramine cannot be removed by boiling and will give a medicinal taste to beer. Chloramine can be removed by running the water through an activated-charcoal filter, or by adding a campden tablet (potassium metabisulfite). Charcoal filters are a good way to remove most odors and bad tastes due to dissolved gases and organic substances. These filters are relatively inexpensive and can be attached inline to the faucet or spigot. Campden tablets are used in winemaking and should be available at your homebrew supply shop. One tablet will treat 20 gallons, so use only a quarter or half of the tablet to help it dissolve. Another alternative is to use bottled water from the grocery store.

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