Lotus Hop Pellets 1 OZ

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15.6% AA

Lotus™ is the latest experimental hop variety developed under the Hopsteiner breeding program to now be commercially available. Lotus™ outperformed thousands of brothers and sisters born of the initial cross breeding and survived a decade long journey to become the hottest addition to Hopsteiner's unique portfolio of exciting new hop varieties.

The majority of Lotus’s™ genetic origin stems from Eastern Gold, a Japanese variety dating back to the 1930s followed by a mix of Apollo, Cascade, and a USDA male. The USDA male was bred from an open pollinated seedling of a wild American hop developed at Wye College, England. The cross from the USDA male with Neomexicanus heritage adds an additional layer of complexity and uniqueness to this variety. Lotus™ offers exceptional aromatic characteristics, boasting waves of orange and vanilla followed by notes of candied grape and tropical fruit aromas.

Lotus™  is a  trademark owned by  S. S. Steiner, Inc


Origin: US
Purpose: Dual Purpose, IPA
Alpha Acid: 15%
Beta Acid: 6%
Total Oil: 1.5-2 mL/100g
Cohumulone: 33-39
Substitute: strata, citra, hydra,
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