Omega OYL-026 French Saison

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This citrusy, lightly phenolic saison strain is so attenuative and reliable in performance that people joke it could ferment a shoe. The French Saison strain results in great body consistency. It is good for any of the characteristically aromatic Belgian styles and is highly compatible with hops and spice aromas. Attenuation is 80-90% or more.

This strain tests positive for the STA1 gene, an indicator of Saccharomyces cerevsiae var. diastaticus, and is capable of fermenting dextrins, resulting in very high attenuation.

Compare to Wyeast 3711

  • Flocculation: Low

  • Attenuation: 80-90%

  • Temperature Range: 65–77° F (18–25° C)

  • Alcohol Tolerance-: 12%

Classification: Beer
Category: Ale
Type: Liquid
Style: Belgian
Alchol Tol.: 12%
Attenuation: 80-90%
Temp. Range: 65-77 F
Flocculation: Low
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