Omega OYL-402 Cosmic Punch Ale

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Cosmic Punch (OYL-402) is the first strain released as a part of a Thiolized™ series from our R&D team. This Thiolization process enhances a yeast’s natural ability to biotransform compounds found in malt and hops to unleash thiols that evoke passion fruit, guava and grapefruit aromas reminiscent of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Southern Hemisphere Hops. The parental strain, British V (OYL-011), is a staple for making hazy New England IPAs but is now capable of producing significantly enhanced tropical aromatics while maintaining the well-known characteristics of the original strain, allowing you to pack even more desirable aromas into each pint.

What is Biotransformation?
The term “biotransformation” refers to the development of new aromas and flavors as result of yeast activity on hop compounds. Brewers already use mid-fermentation dry hopping to promote biotransformation and the development of highly sought after aromas.

Classification: Beer
Category: Ale
Type: Liquid
Style: Hazy IPA
Alchol Tol.: 10%
Attenuation: 71-75%
Temp. Range: 64-74 F
Flocculation: High
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