Mt Hood Hop Pellets 1 OZ (US)

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Hop Type:Aroma

Origin:United States

Alpha Acid:4.0 - 7.0%

Similar Varieties:Liberty, Hallertau, Crystal

Common Styles:German and American-style Lagers and Ales, Pilsner, Belgian Ale

Bred in 1983 and first released in 1989, Mt. Hood is a sister hop of Crystal, Liberty, and Ultra. It is the daughter of Hallertau Mittelfrüh crossed with a USDA 19058M male. With its noble heritage, Mt. Hood is an excellent choice for pale lagers, wheat beers, and German or Belgian ales where a refined aroma with low to moderate bitterness is desirable. It makes a good substitute for German-grown Hallertau varieties. It's moderately intense and sweet with suggestions of herb-infused honey and flowers and green fruit. Some crops range into pungence with a more pronounced herbal note.


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