Perle Hop Pellets 1 OZ (German)

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Hop Type:Aroma


Alpha Acid:4.0 - 8.0%

Similar Varieties:Liberty, Northern Brewer, Cluster

Common Styles:Continental Ales and Lagers

Bred at Hülll from English Northern Brewer stock, Perle became extremely popular with German growers and brewers after its release in 1978. Primarily an aroma hop, in an excellent year it can have high enough alpha content for use as bittering as well. Its combination of delicacy and brightness go well with the clean flavors of European lagers and cold-fermented ales, as well as the yeast character of many Belgian beers. Some brewers also find nontraditional use for its flavors in blends for pale ale and other hoppy warm-fermented styles. Its aroma is lively and sweet with harmonized suggestions of fresh mint and spice in the nose. 

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